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Every Resource Living home magazine is designed to bring together Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county's best local service providers with consumers seeking home improvement, health and beauty, family services, and real estate. If you need to update, fix, renovate, find a new home or just improve your home or life, you will find thousands of pros who can help you tackle that next kitchen remodel, bathroom update, air conditioning repair, or any home project. Take advantage of offers and discounts. Also, check out our articles for the latest trends and ideas for better living. We do this through creative advertising, social media, and interactive solutions. Visit our online directory for local advertisers who know your area and can serve your needs fast, for a reasonable price, and can be held accountable to do the job right.


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Do you offer services in the fields of home improvement, health and beauty, family services, entertainment, or real estate? Remember that we can help the local business owners with marketing that is proven and is affordable. We can help you with direct mail, print, social media and digital formats. Not only do we expose your business, we also advise you on the best marketing strategies. Ask any of our account executives for a free marketing consultation.

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Search through our ten zones. Each magazine showcasing the best local providers of products and services within Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, and Lee Counties. Direct mail magazines and online directories designed to find the home pros, health care providers, real estate experts, and family service experts within a 8 mile radius. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest offers from hundreds of local pros. We are not just another home mag we are your resource for living.




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If you don't get our magazines in the mail, don't fret. All the savings from each advertisement is just a click away, using our online coupons. Look for savings and remodel, repair, and improve your home. Don't forget about your teeth, medical needs, and wellness. Save on air conditioning, kitchen remodel, bathroom vanities, frame less shower doors, Awnings, pool resurfacing, patio pavers, driveways, painting, roofing, landscaping, flooring, cabinets, garage organizers, garage doors, mold remediation, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, and a lot more!  And, that's just for the house. Saving on wellness centers, dentist, braces, spas, salons, child psychology, doctors, caterers, food preparers, restaurants, Realtors, and the list can go on for a long time. Simply the best valpak, we save you money and time.



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Advertise with us! There is no other form of advertising, in this price range, that has larger ROI (return on investment). All businesses benefit from consistent advertising online and on print. Our resource guides are more than just a home improvement magazines! We are an agency looking to help small businesses succeed and increase profits no matter what type of business, product, or service your provide.


Our products offer a complete marketing campaign made up of print, social medias, and online advertising. Our advertising campaign include Facebook and Instagram posts throughout the cycle you chose to advertise with us.


We have print ads for your business starting at only $150 and free online ads.





Learn from our home improvement experts the latest trends and how to implement them into your life! Don't just dream and imagine your home or life-style, turn it into a reality with just a few clicks, scrolls and telephone calls. We have compiled several articles filled with home advisors that can help you with your home improvements, the kids, your health, your car, your sanity, etc...


Get ideas and learn about projects you could tackle on a budget. Learn who is doing what and who can help you make your next project or dream a reality. Our


are written by industry experts looking to  showcase their knowledge and earn your trust and business.

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