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Ask the advertiser for the Resource Living Deal of the day | view To advertise call 954.945.7713 | For more savings visit | B1 20 954.357.2343 954.357.2343 954.357.2343 954.357.2343 2/28/23. Exp. 2/28/23 Exp. 2/28/23 Exp. 2/28/23 $0 Upfront Cost Direct Insurance Billing WE GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID SEER2 AC unit deals Call Today for pricing of the new SEER2 AC units. Available in 1.5 - 5 tons $129 $599 ✓ Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning ✓ Deoderizing Air Handler & Ductwork ✓ Vacuum Air handler ✓ Brush Vacuum Coils ✓ Brush Vacuum Outside Blower Housing ✓ Wash And Degrease Vents ✓ Wipe Down Outside Air Handler Cabinet ✓ Vacuum Accessible Areas Of Air Handler Closet ✓ Free Unlimited Mains (Normally $50 Each) ✓ Free AC System Inspection ✓ Chemical Rinse Drain Pan ✓ Chemical Rinse Drain Line ✓ Up To 6 Vents Included ✓ Additional Supply Vents Only $25 Each UAR010123PMPANOP1SF Storm Damage? A/C leaks? Mold around your A/C? Plumbing leaks? Water stained walls? Mold damaged walls? Ceiling brown spots? Buckling or stained wood floors? We Also Do WATER &MOLD RESTORATION Offer Expires 2/28/23. WIFI T-stat illustration purposes only, not included. Must be straight change out , hooked up to existing copper, electric, thermostat , hurricane tie-downs, vibration pads and slab. Rooftop and R410a retrofits extra. Permits additional. *Synchrony Financing with approved credit . *Basic coil cleaning will be accomplished by using brush vacuum where accessible. *Drain line flush for maintenance purposes only, excludes clogged drain lines. *Free service call with repair, $49 value. 10% off is valid for service related items only. Excludes new A/C units.