View the frequently ask questions regarding our advertising medias. From our direct mail magazines to our job site signs. We have a product to help you increase sales and promote your services to the masses.

How often do the magazines get distributed?
Golden Direct Mail

Our magazines are published 11 times a year. In general, they get mailed out every 35 days, with the exception of a few issues that get mailed in 28 day cycles. This is done to maximize productive periods in the year. 

Unlike our competitors, the entire printed allocation does not go out all at ones. We stager the mail so that you maintain a manageable volume of calls. The objective is to not overwhelm you the first five days of publication, but rather fill your schedule over a longer period of time.

Digital and print media

The magazines get mailed to a solvent demographic with surplus income. This is achieved by mailing to homes with a certain home value and household income, dependent on county and local economic identifiers. We also have multiple paths to promote products and services via digital platforms, such as search engines, social media, and digital advertising. In addition, we are active in each respective community and participate in local events and Home Shows that showcase our advertisers.


The star of the show is the Resource Living direct mail magazine. Depending on the county or zone, you can target between 50,000 to 810,000 solvent homes.

Your business also gets digital exposure in our online directory and our daily social media engagement. If your ads have coupons or offers on your ads, they get complimentary exposure in our social media outlets and www.eqpons.net

Our 20+ years of experience is at your service to assist you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, not just an ad. As a result, you get creative design with focus on exposure and brand awareness.

Is it expensive to advertise?

We have a program for everyone. From our automated BusiPage.com ads to a full blown marketing campaign included directmail, Social Media, and Digital Advertising.

A micro or home based business can start with as little as $150. More important, our goal is to advise you and put together an advertising stragedy that maximizes your budget and farming area.

We don’t want to sell you an ad, we want to earn a customer!

How can i track my responce?
Call Tracking

Historically, tracking your response with print media was difficult. If you did not ask the right questions, it was impossible to award the lead to print ads.

We eliminate that problem through our Call Tracking system. Not only can you now gauge your response, using this service you can see who called, when they called, how long they called, and record the calls to hear what they said.

This service ensures you are offering quality customer service, engaging leads properly, training staff accordingly, and following with warm or cold leads.

How do i get started?
RL Media Kits

It’s easy! Send us a massage from this site or call the account executive that serves your area from the contact page. Together you can determine your best marketing campaign through ad size, areas or distribution, and budget.

Quickly following, our production team will start on your ad. Based on the information your provide your account executive, our creative staff will match, duplicate, or dazzle you with a new ad that will introduce your products and services to your potential customers. Through our automated system you will have the opportunity to view and share your input in the fine tunning of your ad. Once you are satisfied with the results, you will use the same outomated system to approve your ad to press. Nonetheless, a production team member is at your service by calling 1-877-940-6262.


Magazine made for you.